Association "Centro Studi Internazionali Lorenzo Ghiberti - APS"

The "Centro Studi Internazionali Lorenzo Ghiberti - APS” is an association promoting activities aimed at the study, investigation, conservation and appreciation:
- of Lorenzo Ghiberti and his works
- of the places where according to tradition he was born, lived, worked and where evidence of his artistic influence can be traced.
Institutions, companies and individuals interested in contributing to the furthering of research on Lorenzo Ghiberti and his works, the town of Pelago and the lower Valdisieve area can become members of the "Centro Studi Internazionali Lorenzo Ghiberti - APS” association. Charitable donations in favour of the “Progetto Ghibertiana” are welcomed.
Aspiring new members should download the application form "Application new members", complete it and send it to

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Application new members