Lorenzo Ghiberti Documentation Centre

The "Lorenzo Ghiberti Documentation Centre" will collect all texts concerning the artist, copies of his manuscripts and iconographic material about his works. Scholars from all over the world will thus be able to carry out their research at the Centre, with the advantage of having all the material available on the artist gathered in a single place.
The Centre will also have the task of promoting the study of his works, which came to a standstill in the Eighties, thus helping to confirm the importance of the role that Ghiberti, as goldsmith, sculptor, smelter and designer, played in the process of affirmation of the language of the Renaissance and in the techniques for working with noble metals.
The objective of the Documentation Centre is therefore that of ascribing value to the figure of Lorenzo Ghiberti, who, despite his works and the fact that he was reputed in his time as a man of great calibre, was less critically acclaimed than his contemporaries. Ghiberti's fame was overshadowed by figures such as Filippo Brunelleschi (Florence, 1377 - Florence, 1446), Donatello (Florence, 1386 - Florence, 1466) and Michelozzo (Florence 1396 - Florence 1472), which were celebrated with great emphasis by Vasari himself. This resulted in the fact that even today, and in his own region, Ghiberti is relegated to a secondary role.