Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory of the lower Valdisieve

The "Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory of the lower Valdisieve" will propose spatio-temporal itineraries in strict connection to the work of the artist and his time, which will serve as a filtre (portal) for a critical interpretation of the main features of this land: the presence of castles belonging to the Conti Guidi, the agricultural landscapes of vineyards and olives, the Abbey and forest of Vallombrosa and finally the work with noble metals.
The permanent exhibition will follow a very innovative narrative key and will make use of exhibits, as well as of multimedia and environmental graphics, thus creating an all-encompassing experience that is both adequate for all types of visitors and easy to update from time to time.
The visit will be articulated along the rooms of the Palazzo Comunale, through highly scenic spaces that will highlight the wealth of the various contents.
Today as it was in the past, the Castle stands within a man-made landscape characterised by the presence of olive groves and vineyards around which revolves an important agricultural economic system that includes the castles of the Conti Guidi family and the Abbey of Vallombrosa. It is this landscape that the artist depicted in his works, especially on the doors of the Battistero, for which he made use of a melting technique that was state of the art at the time and brought him recognition from his peers.