Inauguration of the Great Hall of the Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory of the lower Valdisieve

On May 21, in the presence of the authorities and a large audience, the Great Hall of the "Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory of the lower Valdisieve", housed in the former municipal building of Pelago, was inaugurated; the event constitutes a fundamental milestone within the broader interdisciplinary and multiscalar project called "Ghibertiana", the result of a coordinated action between the DIDA | Department of Architecture (lead partner for the University of Florence) and the Municipality of Pelago (representing the Union of Valdarno and Valdisieve Municipalities). The works, carried out with the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation, made it possible to set up the room on the ground floor, equipping it with the necessary equipment to host immersive projections, conferences and temporary exhibitions, as well as to serve as a council chamber of the Pelagese municipality.
The leaders of the "Ghibertiana" project Alessandro Merlo and Giuseppina Carla Romby, the mayor of Pelago Nicola Povoleri, the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, the Delegate for the Enhancement of the University's Real Estate and Development Planning Frida Bazzocchi took part in the inaugural conference. Two DIDA professors, Claudio Saragosa and Fabrizio Arrigoni, respectively addressed the themes of the enhancement of the cultural landscape in the processes of urban regeneration of the internal areas and of the museum set-up.
At the end of the conference, the numerous visitors were able to have a first experience of what will be the 4.0 museum that will be set up in the coming months on the first floor of the Centre for the Interpretation. The permanent exhibition project will use an innovative narrative formula, making use of both exempla and multimedia, allowing for an all-encompassing, adaptable and updatable experience over time. In this way, the visitor will be able to decode in the correct historical perspective the places of greatest interest in the territory of the lower Valdisieve through five interpretations: the landscape of crops, the castles of the Guidi counts, the forest and the abbey of Vallombrosa, the processing of noble metals and the workroom of Ghiberti, the Gates of Paradise in the Baptistery of Florence.
In the five “animated rooms” a small preview of some contents was proposed. Thanks to augmented reality systems and multimedia projections, visitors were able to navigate the digital models of some castle and parish structures in the area, enjoy evocative animations of some symbolic places, retrace the main stages of metal processing with traditional production techniques and immerse yourself in the space represented by Ghiberti in the ten panels of the Gates of Paradise in the Baptistery of Florence.
At the end of the initiative, the Pro Loco Pelago set up a small buffet in the palace garden, allowing attendees to savor the food and wine excellences of the area.
The event was organized with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, in collaboration with "Frilli Gallery. Sculpture Art Studio in Florence since 1860".

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The meeting was broadcast live on the Facebook page Ghibertiana
The recording of the conference is available on Ghibertiana's YouTube channel